10 to 12 year olds

A- (easier version) Jerónimo has a collection of stickers. there are more than 30 and less than 50.

On Monday he gives his friends the third part. On Tuesday he gives them half of what was left. On Wednesday he gives them the rest. How many stickers did Jerónimo have at the beginning? How many stickers does Jerónimo give away every day? There are several solutions.


B- (difficult version) Carolina brought home a bag with a certain amount of chocolates. If it is known that:

Every day each member of the family eats a chocolate, that is, each day they all eat the same amount of chocolates.

The first day in total they ate one eighth of the total number of chocolates plus one chocolate.

On the second day in total they ate an eighth of the chocolates left plus two more chocolates.

On the third day in total, one eighth of the chocolates left were eaten, plus three more chocolates.

And so they continued until there was no chocolate left in the bag.


Based on the information, try to answer these questions:


1. How many chocolates were in the bag before eating any chocolate?

2. How many chocolates did they eat each day?

3. For how many days did the chocolates

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