8 to 11 year olds

Josefina will celebrate her birthday in a cafeteria with games. The table is rectangular with chairs placed on all four sides, 2 on each short side and 5 on each long side, one on each end of each side and with the same distance between two consecutive chairs of each side.

From the edge of the table outwards, each chair occupies a 70cm side square.

The table and the chairs occupy a bigger rectangle. The length of the shortest side of this rectangle is 3 meters and 30 centimeters.

a- What is the distance between the two chairs that are placed on each short side of the table?

b- If the chairs on each long side are the same distance apart as those on the short side, what is the length of the long side of the table?

Taken from: https://pasemosunrato.compematic.com/​